glocksonrdicks (glocksonrdicks) wrote,

what's up chunkstyle 
haven't heard yo' mouth in awhile
chunkstyle? more like cuntstyle
motherfucking punkstyle
better recognize MY crunkstyle

i make bitches like you hang like a lazy eye
make you scream like you gettin raped
by a big black guy
giving you a black eye
making you eat a slice of poser pie

you so poor you be recyclin your meals
using poop logs of yesterday's oatmeal
to flavor this morning's bowl of cereal
bitch you better run from me, on the real
i be coming at you with a cock of steel
murdering you then letting you heal
so i can go at it again, all serial
like ted bundy, uh uh uh what

bitch you can't hold me down
you motherfuckin Uecker
best not let your mama out your sight
imma get gone and FUCK HER.

SNAP YO FINGERS. Uh. Uh uh uh bang.

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