glocksonrdicks (glocksonrdicks) wrote,

heard u been tryin to lay some tracks 
for once not on ur arms but on some wax
a record of those things you call "raps"
sounds more like queefs blowing past your meat flap
hanging around giving niggas the clap
bitch close them legs up!

damn u  fouler than a garbage dump
filled with dead hookers sprawled out for a hump
by a gang of herpied albinos
and blind winos
looking for some free Os
and fritos
they be passing u right up
aint wanting no fucking cholos
pull down ur pants they wont stop to look at that
no one be eating you out, ho
except maybe a sewer rat

gonna have to hurry if you want to beat me to the
finish line
never guess who i got producing mine
timbaland's skillz will make my pockets jingle
profits from ur sales wont buy you more than a pringle
what do you expect when ur's is done by rob van winkle? 
bitch u dont recognize? 
it's not like he's wearing a  disguise, bitch OPEN UR EYES
thats motherfucking VANILLA ICE

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