glocksonrdicks (glocksonrdicks) wrote,

whuts up whuts up
nine quad, yo, plus thirteen
chunkstyle4 be flying high
on the back of her boy polyester_queen
gettin caught between the moon and new york city
selling sperm for a buck fitty
to get 'em a cab to the broadway show
we be hidin round corners and they aint know
they thinks they aint got a problem
until its too late and be on 'em
straight jumpin on 'em
sticking corn cobs in their bottoms
giving them a disease on their bellies
with the jellies of smelly hillbillies
putting bees in their bonnets
putting whatwhat in their bonnets?
we drop ill rhymes in their bonnets
while they be crying emo sonnets
like they be babies with jaundice
go run, straight up to yo mommies
go cry on yo' slut mommies
tell 'em how you begged "get off me!"
but really you wanted to quote your homegirl blondie
hop on our nuts and yell "call me!"
ya'll so gay go sip your earl grey
we coming back another day
choking back our dickies is how ya'll pay
chunkstyle4, don't forget your friend
ya'll be trading in your closet for a casket

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