glocksonrdicks (glocksonrdicks) wrote,

 Oh hay there, polyester queer
Bumbling around town with yr greasy hair
Hair all crusted with mousse
The sticky cum from a fucking moose
Carry your Divine doll in your flaming pink papoose
oh, that's ur belly?
ur giant flapping pouch?
Boy u best be getting ur ass off the couch
Take a break from the horror movies
We know u like the ones about rape
Fastasizing a leather hand grabbing
You by the nape
The nape of your neck
WTF we can't find it
Boy, where go ur neck?

Ur internet friends tell us to get a life
While they sit around and cut
their wrists with a knife
A knife made for butter
Because they iz so dummm
Boy go wash ur mouth of their cum
Keep e-hanging with them
ur bound to become a shut in
Next thing u'll be fucking the buttons
From ur drag doll collection
Best gain some introspection
Learn u a fast course in respection
But ur too busy performing solo
bitch i'm talking about masturbation
while ur ogling pink flamingos
lubricating with ur poop and drool
and failing out of art school

U ruined it for yourself
Yes all on ur own
Trying to front like u can hang
with those already grown
When ur DICK don't even know how to
Be fully grown, hanging in ur pants on the weekend
all alone
Bitch go drown on Patron
U smug little Polyester Queer
Add to that cocktail some Draino and Cheer
Drink it down while u spray ur DVD collection
with ur lumpy ejaculation
spread it on some bread and eat it like a sandwich

Getting pelt at McDonald's by pieces of ice
not even the good kind that drips from our fingers real nice
Heard you screamed louder than when u see a real life vagina
trying to sit on ya
yo mom's vagina
Oh no, bitch is this libel?
This is the truth, not no crime, fool
What, u gonna take me to Internet Court
Because I make gay kids cry for sport?
Quick, call up ur fake friend from Detroit
I'll rip up their body and turn it into art
better than anything u turn in for a grade
bitch, drink my fuckin' koolaid.

Boy I'm ready to take this to the next level
since u just take my words and make them disheveled
I invite u to the street, bring it for a fight
best check ur inbox for the fucking Evite 

Baltimore baltimore baltimore
john waters baltimore
john waters john waters john waters
pink flamingos 
john waters sucking on red vine


peace out, girl scout.

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